welcome to our patreon page
this is a funding platform just like kickstarter. BUT instead of raising money for one big project
you raise money for small projects.

pls don't feel obligated to do this - we appreciate any kind of support
even just a comment , a shout out or just a video view

but if you want to support us further…this is how you can, be our patron

To Inspire And Create For Art-  you can be a big part of the vision and at the same time learn or be INSPIRED, through our paintings and videos ( and also our google hangouts )

Well, here's your chance.

There are a lot of difficulty that hinders content creators such as budget for shoots, bills and transportation - alone for someone like me is risky but yet i still continue to create - which is why I designed this campaign for you.

Though all of the art we make are free to be viewed and same with the videos but it would be a big help with you guys on board.

it would be awesome to communicate directly to deliver and share our vision, we will continue to film and discover more to learn - and deliver it to YOU all you need to do is be part...be a part of the bigger picture that would create the masterpiece that would help to inspire others