Series 2 Harley

When I started, the face kept looking back at me in my sleep. Even with my eyes closed, he smiled with red lips and a soulless stare… then right after, as soon as I finished the Joker, I got up from bed and started on the 2nd joke: Harley...

The first one I did it looked like it was set in a room full of shoddy, maybe old windows. I figured it might be a room where they kept the ones who didn’t see reality correctly - those who didn’t  conform to social norms, those who did wrong things, tho who may have actually killed…  so figured it might be Arkham Asylum… then I started to draw Harley

Again I was inspired by the Suicide Squad’s design of Harley but I also placed some personal twists into her. I wanted to breath life into the illustration, giving it a unique life of her own… but it was hard. It was hard to depict life from a place of despair, a place where the crazy and the criminal are confined… so I didn’t resist. I didn’t breath life into her - I didn’t gave her life - I just gave her a smile.

Then she fits perfectly on that dark, damp place called Arkham. 

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