Series - 3

Scarecrow From where I stood - entranced over finishing what I had started - it was like looking for that dark place called Arkham, looking for the man who smiles, wanting to be afraid once again. Then I will stand by my fears and design an even more terrifying portrayal of a madman… one who delivered fear in its purest form - I will create the Scarecrow... It was hard to envision his design at first - he was blending too seamlessly with the dark prison cell. And when I finally tried illuminating him, I started to ask myself "what is fear?" What do I fear? I can say that I’m not afraid of ghosts and whatever else might lurk in the dark; I’m not afraid of nightmare visions either. I thought maybe It was life itself I was most afraid of. As life moves on like a summer blockbuster movie: watching it, enjoying it, feeling that it will never end but knowing that it will - abruptly and not knowing what hit you. Maybe It's life I'm afraid of but while I’m finishing the design of the Scarecrow I decided not give  in to this fear. That fear is an illusion, temporary just like the twisted phantasms the Scarecrow inflicts on his victim. I need to be strong like the man in the cowl and endure like he does - endure life and enjoy the movie as it runs.