Series 4 - The Bat

In a dimly-lit room, I was willing to place the man in the cowl beside the smiling man.

It still haunts me.

The red smile of the Joker, the gazing stare of Harley, and the stabbing fear of the Scarecrow…

So I figured that I needed someone to challenge the vision, I needed someone who can stand before them.

Broad strokes…

I started on a black canvas when I was designing my version of the Bat.

I wanted to make him more terrifying than the villains who challenged him. With one single look, you’d know what’s darker and more obscure than fear itself. With his deep eyes, ever-gazing but never looking, I wanted him to be the central figure of the set.

I wanted him to depict a candle in a dimly-lit room. Even with its tiny glow, it continues to shine ever so brightly.

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