A Diverse Selection

“I am an independent comic artist and Digital painter, the technical director of the coordinated creative community Gunship Revolution and an occasional fitness consultant. I like researching anything related to art so I try to gain a background in a wide variety of styles from various eras. I also run art lectures from time to time, especially about using old-school techniques for contemporary styles: from Renaissance color theory to life sketching to using powdered semi-precious stones to paint the Byzantine icon of Hatsune Miku.”


Creates illustration, for commercial art and cartoons for advertisers, agencies, and publishers.

Concept Art

Provides visual inspiration for some of the industry's biggest titles. We create invigorating concepts for characters, environments and props.

Asian Art

Delivers Top Caliber Asian Art and Interior art for the industry's top titles.

Texture Painting

Delivers the most Realistic texture painting for your 3d models donr on industry standard software